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Andrew Cunningham



Aerial is a student-run, student-centered digital literary magazine featuring the diverse voices of students at Branson.


A space for creativity to be expressed freely has always been so important. For our team, Aerial serves as a chance for all students to share their individual voice. We chose the name Aerial because it represents a sense of fluidity and liberation that comes with something “up in the air.” We hope Aerial can share a new, “bird’s-eye” view of Branson while allowing everyone the opportunity to express their own creativity!

Editor in chief
Yoga Weng '24

Managing editor
Anna Han '24

heads of design
Charlotte Ng '24
Sabine Fuchs '25

content editors
Carter West '24
Alina Palacios '25
Frederick Zetterstein-Mansour '24
Alexandra Sebastiani '26

Violet Bordin



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