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Renee F.

This poem’s made up of excerpts from my friends’ social media posts.


I’ve taken to writing everything down

why am I like this

my head is fucking killing me

I’m in tears

the bloody dresses were there

once it’s gone I feel empty;

music tastes different when you’re high

this is all your fault

I promised myself I’d never do this again

it’s all coming back

home is the worst

she kicked my fucking ass

I have never craved alcohol

like this before

sometimes I hate her

I don’t know what I’d do without her

I’m not lost

you’re not my fucking hero

I feel like no one judges me

when I’m at group therapy

I am depressed beyond belief

it’s barely noticeable but it’s still there

I feel so broken

my heart is fine

so sick of doctors all the fucking time

so close

to being put back in the hospital

he died in a pool of his own blood

I need to forgive you too

I’m trying so fucking hard

I’m so nostalgic

overcoming my fear of change

I overlooked the little mistakes

I love her

I don’t want to

promised myself I’d never do it again

I don’t know what happened

I just hate

dreams do come true

happiness is such a rarity

thank you for joining me

on the emotional roller coaster

that is my life

he’s what teachers should be

my mom wants to drug test me

kiss my rolling happy ass

does anyone else get that feeling

where you really don’t want to die

but also really don’t want to live

- everyday -

you are all officially featured

in my little book of thoughts

fuck you fuck you fuck you

had the worst dream and woke up crying

how many mass shootings will it take

there’s nothing left

girls just wanna have fun

I take it all back

how my life turned to shit in 24 hours:

a novel by yours truly

I am a very lucky girl

I wish you needed me

I was genuinely happy today

I don’t recognize myself anymore

I don’t know if we’ll be alright

it’s been a long journey

she’s the only one that’ll stick by me

there was someone in my room

are you fucking crazy

what is wrong with this world

I just had sex

more than one virgin pregnancy scare

the main character dies

just remember, we’re all so lucky

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