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You come home to familiarity everyday and you know

    it like the constellations in the stars.

You have memorized the rhythm and can match the heartbeat

of those around you.

Everyday there is no change, routine 

    celitified into a safe promise -

The same promise the sun makes when it sets, 

to return again and again.

How can you break this, you wonder

    how can you get out, how can you change?

Tired of the same way you trudge up those steps 

and walk in the door,

Hoping for a move or just a

shift in how it all unfolds.

Brand-new is forign and you want to go 

explore that place

Just the same way that you explored this one.

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 8.27.07 PM.png

Sofia Bobroff

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 9.23.37 PM.png

Family Time 

Helena Curry 

Photo 1 - Isabella Griepp.JPG

Isabella Griepp


Carlyn Cunningham 

Beauty Reborn (Ode to Songbirds) 

Anna Rewick

I heard them sing a song tonight

In the garden right outside.

Where all the flowers bloom and grow

And the birdies need not hide.


For four years now we’ve stayed indoors

While the songbirds play their tune.

And when I look to see outside

I can almost spot the moon.


And the water, too, is safer now,

More blue than years before.

And truthfully we know it’s since

We’ve stayed behind our doors.


So when we get to leave our homes

I hope that I can play

In the garden where the songbirds sing

And forever we can stay.

Natalie's Art.jpg

Natalie Cohen


Skye Zweben

The Duality of the Past and the Present

Stasia Winslow 

to swim or to drown - Natalia Castillo.j

To Swim or to Drown 

Natalia Castillo

Two lives, co-existing in parallel harmony: my barely two-minute old life and my past’s 2 billion year one. On the twenty-second Monday of the year two thousand-and-three, a little pink baby arrived into this world, to two loving parents. The second George Bush was president on that fateful June second. It was a Monday, the second day of the week. The temperature in Pakistan and India had risen to a record-breaking one hundred and twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit, and far far away, my mother was feeling the heat in my parents’ simple two-room apartment. Once she started to have contractions, my father rushed her to the hospital twenty-two miles away. However, they wouldn’t admit her until she was two-centimeters dilated. Twenty-two hours later, I was born.


Painting America 

Sylvia Jacoby

Carson Levit .jpg

Carson Levit

DON'T TRIP - Natalia Castillo.jpg

Don't Trip 

Natalia Castillo


Alexandra Lenzo

pick me apart 

to crippling dust

rip me apart 

to fables of lust 


my heart melts into the noisy abyss 

as my eyes sink into the crazy bliss


i'm falling into the darkness, the fallacy of life 

i let go from my rope connected to the misconception of strife 


sculpting new curves

shaping unknown worlds 

spitting the fatal reminder


paper mache over my loss

leaving the darkness to unravel the cost 


feelings crash like waves of penetrating deception

words crush and damage the heavenly exception 


perception loses fire

as they try to grapple their true desire 


tears bless the hollow air

till their symphony of life ceases to bare 


my mind grows tired 

as the rope is tied tighter


nerves dance through the jagged intersection

and my breath swerves through their affection


sorrow finds emotions 

credibility defines their notions 

struggles divide the masquerading oceans 


they control that conviction

permission turns into my submission 

they slice through their addiction 

we fall into affliction

Excerpts from "Me and My Sun-Drenched Rain-Worn Life"

Maddie Lowe

These past years, I have been too afraid to do the wrong thing or take responsibility for

my actions because of how it will reflect on me. You get what you give. If I give love to others

around me and my passions, they will give some back. With each drop of love, my soul will

slowly fill and that is fulfillment. Maybe I am not looking for happiness, but fulfillment.

Happiness does not reflect the hardship, work and character that it goes into meaningful

relationships and experiences. Yes, I think that is it. I will live with fulfillment in mind instead of

being distracted by happiness’ beguiling song. Okay, I am going to the hospital to bring Olivia

her favorite ice cream, Maple Fudge Swirl. I hope she is feeling better.

Phase Two_ Beware [2] - Audrey Dickinson
Phase Two_ Beware [2] - Audrey Dickinson
Phase Two_ Beware [1] - Audrey Dickinson

Phase Two: Beware

Audrey Dickinson


Sophia Milan-Howells

Manon’s eyes fluttered open, slowly trying to focus on the oak planks that composed the ceiling of the bedroom that her aunt had  “generously” given to her. As she sat up, she felt the warm tears that had pooled in her eyes trickling down her cheeks. She took a match from her box of miscellanies and lit the stubby wax candle that rested on her bedside table. The flame chased away the darkness that hid her button nose. Manon was not known for her looks. The beauty of her curly black hair rivaled only that of a charred bush. Her gentle blush lips were always chapped—she mercisely bit them whenever she was nervous. Her eyes were the color of forest mud and were much too small for her large head. Her mother used to say she was perfectly proportional when she was born, but all of the books she read had caused her head to expand in order to fit all of the words. Manon took the candle and quietly slipped out of her bed. Opening the large oak door that marked the entrance to her cell, she quietly crept down the hall towards her uncle’s library.


Madison Morrison


Melia Chendo

“you once told me that the human eye is god’s loneliest creation. how so much of the world passes through the pupil and still it holds nothing. the eye, alone in its socket, doesn’t even know there’s another one, just like it, an inch away, just as hungry, as empty.” - Ocean Vuong 

i remember the moments caught 

behind bloodshot films i am not the veil drowning golden flecks until they collapse in ash blackened seas 


Bug's Life

May Ling Roberts

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 7.13.26 PM.png

Healing Tears 

Carlyn Cunningham

Star-surfing Argonauts


sometimes i think we’re argos


sunrise {love} speak me cosmos


spun-lies come sleep please god knows


one-eyed un-sheeped we saw crows


love sings to us in small notes




polyphemed it’s all we need

softly glean of soggy dreams

my argus jeans so proudly steamed

grunge and greens frustrations screamed


too loud

you’re much too loud


Jack Rende

Our New Normal


Quite falls upon the city streets and towns,

Unexpected closures have us all feeling down.

A novel virus has spread across the globe, 

Racing to find ways to combat this deadly microbe.

Abiding by the rules and staying 6 feet apart,

Nurses and doctors on the frontlines doing their part.

Treating patients and risking their lives each day,

Instantaneously those we love can be taken away.

Not easy to accept this new and frightening reality,  

Eager for this pandemic to end and to be free.



Maddie Lowe

Untitled - Adriana Golden.jpg

Adriana Golden


Emma Allen

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