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 grey eyes and the god in the forest

i see movement in the trees

is this how it’s supposed to be

the shuffling wakes me up at night

i walk downstairs without a light

it’s so cold but the moonlights white hot

can i trust my own eyes- maybe not

either way i see him in the woods

- Anonymous 

Ava Carlson copy.jpg

Ava Carlson

Katie vostrejs

shattering pavement

Pink layers disguising the rooted bud that makes the air thick with a sticky silence Stolen whispers back and forth 

Hopes and dreams and love hidden 

My heart bursting with secrets and shame 

Her hands holding mine as we pave our own path into the woods My mistakes all etched in the pavement 

My eyes were glued to the floor 

While your heart made me quiver

- Anonymous 


gia fisher


carter west


alexandra zak


In remembrance of 
Freddie Gray, Philandro Castille, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown

Gray haze of gunpowder besieges the Castille fortress 

against an epidemic that blots vibrant color from the page     

drains life, leaves it as dry as Rice     

disoriented and flipped    

guilty until proven innocent   

The void left by the sp-arrows 

who are pierced by their own spears 

Garner rise of the reaper who eliminates both the Brown and disease alike 

Blaring sirens wail with cries of danger 

awashing innocent until proven guilty 

in dark red blood.

Judge, Jury, and Executioner  

Powerless Sentence   

Pain not Courage     

Sadness not valor        

Remember the names   

Wash away the white outline and put on a face…

Don’t save Face     

Do not leave them faceless     

Illuminate the Darkened sea      

in order to resist those waves and 

push against the cold truth 

While we still have time….     


Dedicated to those who have lost their lives to police violence.

- Jeffrey Huang 


ANNA palfy

Jasmine Xiang.PNG

jasmine xiang

Paloma Rincon.jpg

paloma rincon

Charlotte Ng- “Landmarks of San Francisco” (1).jpg

a gust of wind

after nudging at my nose

caressing my bare skin

after tangling my hair

where have you been


i never saw you

you barely made a sound

though you make me shiver

i liked having you around


felt your cool touch at my neck

swiftly turned around to catch you

my eyes opened wide—

this is what you always do.


i've searched for you on mountaintops

canyons, rivers, sea

you’re everywhere and nowhere

how could this be




my bones have grown cold 

my skin has gone red—

out here in the open

perhaps it’s time for bed


i’ll miss you while warm beside fireplaces

even more so while freezing in the rain

i’ll miss you when i smile

i'll miss you when in pain

- Anonymous 

Sofia Bobroff.jpg

sofia bobroff

Natalie Wendt.jpg

natalie wendt

charlotte ng

I'm sorry it had to end like this

Few words could’ve been less empty than goodbye


You’ll never know though

You never heard that sound, not from me.


Now you lie in limbo

Between your last breath, 

and the last time they’ll say your name

I wish there was more left of you

- Alexander LaMonica 

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will bollini

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