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Sofia Bobroff

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Anna Han

My mother's daughter (excerpt)


To be my mother’s daughter

My greatest vain and vanity

To take pride in my brilliance

Believe in my insignificance

I will love you, too hard until my lungs give out

Will love you until your breathing stops

Down pillow over your head and i will mistake your flailing limbs for attempted hugs

I will fall for people who don’t deserve me

Will always commit myself to those who don’t believe in me

Will always love more than i am loved

Gia Fisher

The lights we choose to follow

Reese Fuhrman

Lights cloud wooded windows
Veiled embraces stricken in harsh morning light
As stars fall to earth
And as the days turn to night
I stay
Ever standing in wait
For a choice, that I may I get to create
People cashing in time like a bank stub
Line out the door on a musty morning
Just waiting for an elderly man to count out the amount they can take
Currencies and commodities as fickle as the time we have to give
The choices to make
The roads less traveled
As we carve paths to suit the journey we long to pass
In wait
For a guiding light
We want to believe in something
Of which cannot be fully understood
For life is full of the in-decphirable
The hidden codes we never get to uncover
Our influential
Our detrimental
The lights we choose to follow


Sage Sanderson

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Paloma Rincon

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Jeff Huang

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Will Bollini

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Aydin Ulubay

Alexandra Zak

Being a Woman: a Collection of Stories (excerpt)


You want to love being a woman so bad, but you can’t.

It stole your innocence, your trust, your confidence, everything you had to give. But, you know that womanhood is not at fault. Womanhood is a victim of the patriarchy’s toxic masculinity, just like you are. You are both damaged beings, desperate to be whole. Desperate to be loved. What a perfect pairing! In all honesty, you do not hate being a woman. How could you truly hate something that is a part of you? You just hate everything it has done to you and everything men have done to you for being a woman. You pray, despite losing faith years ago, that womanhood will love you again so you can love it back. Perhaps, in return for your love, womanhood will make you whole again, whole enough to start healing. Would loving womanhood make you whole? 

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Jeff Huang

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Paloma Rincon

Liam Kilroy

flower doodles and butterfly by Sofia Bobroff
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