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Walls  of  Ice

and  a  Heart  of  Glass

Grace Herbst

Lizzy said “Till this moment I never knew myself”

How can she not know her own self?

Well I didn’t know myself until I met you

Not heartless but scared

Closed off from those feelings

But you broke through the ice

The layers built up around my heart

You with your honesty that you used as a knife

The love you used as a painkiller

So I didn’t feel the walls shatter

But then you were gone

You had climbed past the barriers

Broke through the chains that barred you from my heart

You left

I had never felt that


Thought it would go away

That the mountain of ice between my heart and you would slowly grow back

They didn’t

The walls were gone not just for between you and me

But between me and everyone

Those who never wanted to climb

Nothing like you

You unleashed me

Maybe I wish you hadn’t

My heart made of glass was free



But really only breakable to you

After you

When I looked in the mirror and saw me

I couldn’t help but ask myself where you were

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